Sunday, June 13, 2010


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- Yeah, that really is sweet. No doubt. Today I just realized how much I'm looking forward to start in High School (to meet new people, make new friends, new places, to learn new things) I can't wait - still nervous, about meeting my new class. But there's like 2 monhts until. So lots of time, but still. Now I only have 1 exam left in School, and then a goodbye/graduation party and then - we're done. It's so wierd, 10 years with these guys and then it's all just done, and I'm not gonna see them everyday. I don't know what is wrong with me? Friday I was invited to a party - didn't wanted to party at that time, so I didn't. And when I finally wanted to, then Saturday of my very good friends hold a 'girl night', but next day (Sunday) I had to get up so early, so I couldn't - so sad. But today I went to see my sister Riding, and she won 2nd place (so proud!) and then I went clean my Uncle and Aunts house to own some money. I'm saving up money for shoes dude! Just cleaned up my weardrobe and throw out all the stuff I wouldn't use anymore, it felt good. Tomorrow I'm just going to read for exam.. fun. But it's my last and I've problems with this one (phsyic/chemistry) and I want to get at least 7, and my goal is 10. So reading, reading, reading. Ha ha, gosh! I've writing alot, but this blog feels like a diary, to get my thoughts out, even if they aren't interesting, it's still good to get them out of the head. There's probably no one who are going to read this, but that doesn't matter. And thanks for reading it, if you have, I aprreciate that there's somebody out there who wants to know something about my life :) So thanks.

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