Monday, November 30, 2009


pic1 monday outfit. + my new leggins! pic2 Advent gift - earrings from Pieces
Hi guys, here's my new leggins - and I just love them! What do you think?
Sunday it was Advent (help, there's only ½ year to I'm done with school!). But I got 'Toms chokolade julekalender' (chocolate calendar) and these earrings from Pieces, but I only got these earrings because those I've had wished me wasn't there (they other was in leather and was a star) so should I keep those or what?? I just talked with my best friend, who's playing the guitar (acoustic), and I really love the sound of an acoustic guitar, so she'll probably learn me some songs, yeah! Me playing guitar, well, actually I can't imagine - I've absolutely NO sense of rhythm! .. well, I mind have some, because I dance, but not when I'm playing at any kind of device.
Today it's dancing day! 2 dance classes tonight (moderne / show dance). And it looked like we should learn some difficult stuff, but what the hell, I love dancing. tomrrow in school we're going to decorate the class up, ha ha, and eat (danish) 'æbleskiver'. So from tomorrow of, it's officially christmas :)
1,2,3,4 - Plain White T's
Little Bit - Lykke Li
En Vanlig Dag - Ulrik
The Show - Lenka
- songs I just can't stop listening to.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


my mom and dad think that I'm turning punk - because I've painted my nails black and start liking rivets. Seriously, I don't think they have any sense of what fashion is in these days? Well, but mom and dad - I'm NOT going punk, I just really like the fashion there is right now.
PS, don't you guys think that scandinavian women really have style? I think that they're some of the best looking (style) women on earth. .. And I think swedish guys is cute / good looking, but that has nothing to do with this!


pic1 The Peter Pan sculpture in Kensington Garden, London. pic2 Michael Llewelyn Davies, the inspiration for Peter Pans look.

I find Peter Pan and the Author J.M. Barrie's story so interesting and I just love stories when they are inspirered by the Authors own life. And the Peter Pan story can not be more inspirered by J.M. Barries own life. I know this is not about my life, or fashion, but this story meens a lot to me, and then I think it would be okay.
J.M. Barrie was only 6 years old when his older brother - Peter, died at a age of 12. Barries mom didn't speek to Barrie in a long time, she could better like his dead brother Peter. and she said to Barrie, that Peter would always be a boy, he would never grown up. When Barrie growned up, he met a woman and her five kids in Kensington Garden, and he falled in love with the woman, and later he adopted the five kids. Barrie loved the kids, and then he wrote the Peter Pan story, most for them, but Peter Pan was inspirered by his dead brother Peter and each of the five boys.
The only thing about the Peter Pan story I dosn't understand, is that the evil pirat 'James Hook' had Barrie named after himself James Matthew Barrie. And why should HE be the evil person in the story?

While you're reading this I would like to say you should listen to this song:
Flying - James Newton Howard

Saturday, November 28, 2009


You HAVE to listen to this swedish boy, he's a nature talent. and.. his smile is so cute! He just won the nordic melody grand prix (kids) 2009, tonight.


monki shop.
Why isn't more shops looking like monkis shops? Then everything would be so much more like being in a fantasy land, and I do believe that with all those colours, then people would be a little bit happier :) Remember guys - If you smile to the world, then the world will smile to you, too.
... if you wanne be happy, then you should listen to the danish music group Alphabeat!


I've just been on christmas shopping with my mom. And now I've bought present for my mom, dad, best friend and some of my little sisters gift. Huh, and I get the shoes from Bianco there was on my wishing list at christmas! I'm happy like a little child!
What do you guys think of the photo? I really like it, she looks like a dancer, pretty pose.
Today we're (my family and I) gonna make christmas decorations and just listen to christmas songs, and relax and have family time. Tomorrow it's Advent, and that meen's .. presents! I love getting presents, and cards and just small (or big) things that you don't know what is. I should start giving my friends and family small gifts, at any time of the year, because people always be so glad when they get presents or cards. :) Hope you all have a great day, see you.

Friday, November 27, 2009


cardigan H&M shirt Fishbone scarf London rings Vintage leggins Danza dimensione
Well, this isn't my new leggins.. but as I wrote earlier I dropped lemonade on them.. so this is another outfit. (you gotta see the leggins soon). Actually this outfit remind me of travelling, 'cause I bought the scarf when I was in London with my mom in spring ('09), and I bought the shirt when I was on a school trip to Prague this Autumn. So I'm dreaming back to that time - mostly London.. Gosh, I miss that town. I wanna go back.
Yeah! I'm so happy, my grandma is just said this evening that she would give me the watch (from Urban Outfitters) I'm wishing me in Advent gift. (If I just could go to the town and buy it myself, 'cause she didn't knew where the shop was, and well, no problem with me there).
PS! I'm danish, but I'm writting english so there's more people who can read / follow me, AND to learn some more english gramma. So please guys, just leave a comment if you can't understand me or leave a comment with the right gramma in - that would help me a lot. And of course, I hope you like my blog :)


- todays outfit, coming later
Well, I would have posted a picture of todays outfit (my new leggins), but I am such a clumsy, so I lost lemonade down of myself. Typical? So, I'll post a picture, later or tomorrow. The girls in school said that they were so cool, and that they didn't looked 'cheap' - that's pretty good, when I found them in the danish supermarket Føtex. But I actually don't care were my clothes is from, if I like it, then that's it. Later there's dinner, with the family.
Huh. My mom and dad just came home with a lot of christmas presents, and the first thing they said when they came in to the house, was: don't look! I can't wait for it to be christmas/december. But, see you guys later.
ps, yeah! 5 readers! Dudes? You rock.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


my new leggins - you're gonna see them on soon, promise. Costume - danish magazine. White notebook.

Yeah, here's my new leggins. And I just love them! As I said before - my mom came home with Costume, and I just read it. Love reading magazines. And .. I got this white book, with plain white sites.. and I don't know what kind of notes that I should write in it? Do you have any idea?? I'm not gonna use it as a diary. I kind of use this blog, as my diary. Saturday I'll buy some stuff (if they have it) and start on a diy project, you know necklace and some earrings maybe.

remeber guys: comment, comment, comment!

Wake me up before you go-go - Wham!


Hey guys. Now I've got 4 readers! Yeah! You guys are awesome, and please just tell all of your friends about my blog :)! And I would like some recommend, because then I know what you guys would like to see more of or less of. So just recommend!
Today we saw a movie 'Schindlers list' at school, yeah we have about 2. world war right now, in history. After school I took over to my uncle and aunt and cleaned their house (my job), of course it was raining again.. Anyway, then I came home and made myself a hot cup lemonade and ate some gingerbread (it sound better in danish: pebernødder), and now I'm sitting here, waiting for my mom to come home - because she said that she would by the danish magazine Costume for me. If there is something I love, then it must be reading new magazines. Today I'm making dinner and I've decided that we are going to have salmon and pasta. I've never maked it before, but hopefully it's gonna be good. Now there is coming 'my super sweet 16' at MTV, I love seeing it, 'cause the girls in there is SO ungrateful and snobby, that it's actually kind of funny.
See you guys, and remeber that I would love to get some recommend.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Kristen Stewart - EW photoshoot

Aren't she beautiful? I think she is. And I think she's perfect in the role as Bella Swan, in Twilight. Actually I think both Kristen, Robert and Taylor is just perfect in their roles. They couldn't have chosen a more perfect cast. Are any of you guys twilight fan? And have you read Stephenie Meyers other book - The Host? Can you recommend it? I've put it on my wish list this year. 'Cause I think she write amazing, but maybe that's just in the twilight saga?


" Love makes the world go round" - bracelet from
I just love this bracelet! Well, I like every bracelet where there is writting something sweet, or just something that is important. Today I've met in school at 10. (because we should, I'm not ditching school) and then we should present something about the 60, and GOSH I hate to present. That's something I'm definitly not good at. But after that we should see a movie - 'Der Untergang'. I find 2. world wat pretty interesting, and awfull (of course!). And after that school was done, and it was raining outside.. can it not just be winter? I hate Autumn.. and all the rain. I prefer spring! ( and summer!)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Yeah? I'm addicted to the city + the Hills. And my dad think that I'm crazy, he think it's some crap. But wtf I like it! And their style, well I wanna switch wardrobe with Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port. Do any of you guys like the hills or the city?

Goodies for the eyes!

Aaaaaw! Why aren't more guys looking like Jeremy? He's so cute! I'm totally in love, look at those eyes! .. and smile! Jeremy Sumpter was playing Peter Pan in the movie from 2003/2004 - and I just think he's perfect for the role. I want my own Jeremy Sumpter, just like I want my own Rob Pattinson ;)

The Show - Lenka


pic1 blouse Urban Outfitters pic2 Ring pic3 Earrings fashionology
I really like these things! Just too bad that I've aldready sent the christmas wishing list out.

Monday, November 23, 2009

But how we move from A to B..

pic1 I will use this to make a necklace. pic2 Bracelet - my moms old. pic3 Rings - my moms old. pic4 My moms old jewelrys pic5 me with my moms jewelry

Yesterday I asked my mom if she had some old jewelry, that she wasn't using anymore. And then she came with so many, but these one (on the photo) is the jewelry I think that I could use - so that is mine now ! (so happy) Aren't they beautiful? I think so. I've just been to the fysic test and I got 7 (danish caracther) so I'm happy, 'cause that is not something I'm good at. Now I'll have my lunch and wait until I'm going to dance tonight. Have I told that I'm dancing 2 at week? I've been dancing for 11 years now, mostly Moderne dance/ Show dance, but also some Disco.
Don't you guys think that I'll could make a pretty necklace out of the pendant from pic1 ?

Little bit - Lykke li

(...that can be up to me)

Sunday, November 22, 2009


photo taken by me.

Yeah, I saw Grease yesterday. It was in the television, and I kind of grown up with the movie. NOT because I'm from that time! (I'm from 1994), but my mom love the movie, that's why.
I've also growned up with Pretty Woman, Runaway bride, Nothing Hill, Dirty Dancing.. yeah, you know, all the famous movies from that time. And I actually do love them, specially Pretty Woman - it's so sweet :)

Beauty? Can't describe this.

pic1 Flower - photo by me pic2 Robert Pattinson! pic3 Candles - photo by bythegirl pic4 New York and a beach - borrowed from bythegirl pic5 photo by Dirk Mai.

Pictures I just can't stop looking at because they are to beautiful! Robert Pattinson is so cute and he's just hot and he's a special person. Many people just like him cause he plays Edward and they only like ' Edward', but I really find Rob Pattinson interesting, but of course as Edward he's so cute, too. Btw I love bythegirl's pictures, she's taking so beautiful photos, and I think that is one of the reasons wy I find her blog so interesting. Dirk Mai is one of my favourite photografers, I love the colours on all the pictures he take, and they are just so simple and beautiful. PS! I love looking at beautiful pics, so just send a link and then I'll take a look at what you think are the most beautiful pics. (It may also be photos taken by you).

I should read fysic, cause I have a test tomorrow.. So why am I just sitting here and blogging?
I think I'm starting getting sick.. and that's just crap! I don't wanna be sick, specially when next week we're in December. Right now all I wanna do is to see some movies, eat cookies and drink hot cacaoo. .. God? Can you hear my praiers?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

You're the only one I knows.

I'm not going to write much today, I'm have to do a lots of homeworks and I'm also going to my grandma and granddad and sleep - so probably no more layout for today. Right now I wish that I should out travelling, Paris, London, New Yourk, Vancouver, California, Rome .. God I wish I should!! Just enjoy where I am, take pictures, look at the beautiful things, shopping and just spend some time with my family. Hmm.. that's not gonna happend, not until summer, at least. Are you guys going anywhere now? Ps, then I would love to see some pics of where you had been!
Now I'm sitting and thinking about that I should eat some breakfast and do some homework. .. But all I'm doing right now is just sitting in my bed, next to my cat and listen to music. (Little Bit - Lykke Li, Possibility - Lykke Li)
After seeing New Moon yesterday I'm starting to get even more 'desperat' in some way after love.. I know .. I know.. for christ safe, we're talking vampire here and that is insane! But I have always loved fantasy figureres..
.. But remeber as Lykke Li's song say: There's a Possibility.

Friday, November 20, 2009


I've just seen New Moon, in Imperial, with a lot of screaming girls! I think it was really good and I adore the Twilight saga, but I think that is was missing the 'Vampire feeling' from the first movie Twilight. ex. The cold colours and just that 'feeling', of course New moon was still really good, but it was just missing the vampire feeling. And OH MY GOSH how I just adore Robert Pattinson! He's so .. words can't describe. I wanna go in and see the movie again, right know, but I have to safe money for christmas presents, thats bad ash (as "Carlisle" would said it).

The swedish singer Lykke Li's song fit just perfect in that place in the movie!
Possibility - Lykke li


This book is on my wishing list. I don't know if I've already told it but I love Peter Pan and I think that the Author's history, J.M. Barrie's is so fantastic (and sad..) I love the Peter Pan movie from 2003, with Jeremy Sumpter in the role as Peter Pan. I wanna to say thanks to J.M.Barrie for writting such a fantastic story, for kids and adults. I dream about people someday will find my stories, just in the way, as good as J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan.
"You'll never win, not as long as there is faith trust and Pixiedust!"
"I believe in Fairies!"
Listen to this beautiful song, there's in the Peter Pan movie from 2003.
Flying - James Newton Horward

Thursday, November 19, 2009



... Is these things! + so much more.. I have the longest wishinglist you've ever seen in your life. I don't know if that's good or bad? Well, I think it is fantastic! But now I just hope I'll get it all, and that may be a problem. But then I can put it on my birthday-wishing-list if I not get it. What things are on your's wishing list, this year?


Hey everyone! I'm just glad right now! .. ´Caaaaause now I've cleaned house, and there isn't school tomorrow! So tomorrow I'm just realxing, making some of the many, many homeworks and later I'm going to the cinema with some of my best friends, so.. tomorrow gonna be a great day :) .. The only bad thing right now is that I have a lots of homeworks to next week, Essay, physics, chemistry test and I also have to read a book, but that's is the shopaholic book - so that's Ok. What are you guys doing?

ps, just ignore all the mess in my room!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Seriously DK is going crazy, there's nothing else in the television than 'watch out - hurricane' and 'don't drive' - and what did my dad just do? He drove out to pick up my littlesister. Gosh, help! If there's something I'm scared of .. then it must be storms, lightning, wild rain. + Crashing down with an airplane. (and spiders!) I HATE it. It is just making me so scared. I think it's because of the sound.. and probably also all the warning about it. I should just take my Ipod, lay my head under the pillow and just listen to some music and try to ignore the storm.
Are any of you guys been affected by the hurricane? I hope not.


..I Love You.
Shirt H&M Cardigan H&M Leggins MbyM Necklace Pieces

The wetter is so .. well, sad? I don't know how to describe it, but it is just awfull.. rain..rain and more rain..! BUT we got free from school one hour earlier. I should have cleaned my uncle and aunts house today, buuut.. I do it tomorrow, can't stand it if I should cycle in this wetter. So I think I will just relax and make some homeworks :) I got 1 reader on my blog - that's good - a start. Hopefully there will be many who find my blog interresting. See you guys!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Sex and the city. I love SATC!

Well, yesterday I was in Copenhagen with my girlsfriends, on Bagels corner and on Baresso, yummie!.. Then we took in the danish theather (Østre Gasværk), where we should see the beatles show (Come Together) with our school class. It was an amazing scene show, but when there was a break and the second part should start there was problems with the sound... so we didn't see the second part.. but again soon, we are going to see it again.
I'm feeling so sorry for my little sister, hers little pet is just died yesterday, and now she's so sad..poor sis... I think that was all from now. See you guys!
xoxo (1,2,3,4 Plain White T's)

Monday, November 16, 2009


Here is one of my new nailcolours from Depend. Do you like it?

dirk mai.

If these pictures aren't beautiful, then I don't know what the word 'beautiful' meens.
I'm falling in love with that way ,the photgrapher, Dirk Mai, is taking pictures at. The colours are so beautiful, the pictures are naturally and it is all just so simple and perfect. What do you think of Dirk Mai's photos?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Plain White T's <3

The genius people behind the hits Hey There Deliliah, 1,2,3,4 & Our Time Now. You should listen to them!

You should also listen to 'Flying - James Newton Harvard', the danish songer Tina Dickow and Stiff Dylans!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bianco love.

Dear God! I'll do anything for you - if you just give me this shoe from Bianco!


1pic. "Confessions of a Shopaholic" - well, I've already read all the books, but we should choose a book to read in school, so this was my choice - and it's funny! 2pic. My two new nail colours from Depend.
Today I've been out on christmas present shopping, with my mom. I didn't found so much, but now I've got my present to my best friend, that's good! So we came home and I just relaxed with a hot cup cacao and a choko scones - hmm..! What do you guys think of my two new nail colours?