Monday, November 29, 2010

@pictures by me. There has fallen so much snow the last 2 days, some of our teachers couldn't come to School today. Now I'm sitting and drinking green tea and just ate some dark Chocolate and blueberries, lovely. I so wants to bake some cookies right now... but I have to make my danish assingment before I am going to dance tonight. Bye bye x


Anonymous said...

Haha, some of the younger students would freak out if the teacher coudln't come! :D
I like the 1st photo!

Who's that girl said...

haha ya, we were happy - or well, not really because we were at the School..
Thanks :D

Rebekah Christel said...

...igen virkelig fede billeder (-:

Who's that girl said...

tak du ;-)

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