Friday, November 5, 2010


@thetrashedfashion and jak&jill
today: was in School for 2 class', then I felt way to bad and went home. So now I'm setting here (read: in my bed w/ blanket over to keep warm, blogging, listening to music and drinking hot cacao). Then I was thinking about "you are not blogging many pictures taken by yourself/of yourself - why?"
- I'm not blogging many pictures taken by myself atm. because I'm pretty buzy with homeworks/friends/dancetraining/work etc. that's the reason + I'm saving up money, so I'm not really buying anything interesting atm which I could show you guys, sorry.
- Why I'm not showing my face at my pictures? because this is the internet and in the back of my head there's a voice saying: EVERYONE can see these pictures/take these pictures/use these pictures, which I don't think I'm ready for, maybe I'll be one day, but till then, I hope you'll survive with inspirational pictures/pictures taken by me/of me but not showing my face. Thanks

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