Monday, September 27, 2010

One of my biggest inspiration: James Matthew Barrie (the Author of Peter Pan)

At this picture you can see J.M.Barrie with one of his "stepsons", which btw is the boy the Peter Pan figure in London is been made after. Because that's how J.M.Barrie imagined Peter to look like. I love J.M.Barrie because he wrote fantasy, but including a lot of things from his own life.


The Never Fairy said...

Hooray for Barrie & Peter Pan!

If by "the Peter Pan figure in London is been made after" you mean the statue of Pan... it doesn't QUITE look the way Barrie wanted it to, in fact he hated the statue since Frampton (sculptor) ignored these photos.
[It's one hell of piece of work, tho!]

And if you don't know about these two books yet, you must :D

A novel based on Barrie's own idea for more: Click!

A "What if?" adventure taking the characters on another path: Click!

Both are great.

Who's that girl said...

Aw thanks so so much!! :D
and so many thoughts to you to write "believe" at last, you seem like a person who really believe and love fantasy!

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