Sunday, October 17, 2010


Just experienced a new addiction yesterday - Hasselnuts Latte, from Baresso Coffee (danish coffee shop, if you are in DK you have to try it. The danish answer to Starbucks).

Yesterday: met with 4 of my very, very, very good friends (I haven't seen in a long time now) and we took into town (CPH) and bought some gifts for our "last" friend, who is in the US as an exchange student. We discovered a cool toy store, that had Harry Potter wards and THE magic card from Harry Potter (3rd) what a Nerd I am. Then we went home at my place and skyped with our friend and talked for an hour. Then home to my other friend, eating Dinner and had such a cozy time. Miss those girls in my daily week. Today I'm all going to hang out with my sister. Enjoy the cold day x

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