Tuesday, December 14, 2010

@the cobra snake (shop). I wouldn't mind having this tee, Nirvana ftw! Everything about Nirvana (Nirvana: grunge band from the 90s) reminds me of my very good friend C; in 8th grade we made a project about Nirvana/Kurt Cobain - and about if it was suicide or murder. It was all so interesting and we almost felt like detectives, if you haven't heard about this, then you should watch a documentary about Kurt Cobain or read some books. It is all so mysterious, the police said called it suicide, and it could be, for sure. But, there was something very mysterious about his wife, Courtney Love, many people believe in the fact that Courtney hired a killer to kill Kurt. But if you are more interested in all this, then you should watch the documentary "Kurt & Courtney".
what do you think - was it suicide or murder?


Doni Brown said...

Now I'm curious! haha


Who's that girl said...

haha, you should be! it is really interesting/fascinating (and of course sad)

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