Wednesday, December 8, 2010

@I have already posted this picture once before, but... I think I am going to borrow this shirt/dress (again) by my sister tomorrow. right now: I have just done all my homeworks for tomorrow, lovely and now I am watching the City at my grandma and granddads place while waiting for my mom to come pick me up, the home and watch 'Absalons Hemmelighed' (a danish christmas tv show) with my family, I know.. it is for kids... but, I love it anyway!
Have a good 8th december!!


Maike said...

What kind of TV show is that?
I've never heard of that, haha!

Who's that girl said...

every year on two different channels there are a christmas kalender TV show, it last 30 minutes and that is every single day up to the 24th - and it is usually something where they have to discover something or save something so it can become a happy christmas :)

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