Wednesday, December 8, 2010


@I am in a social/community class in the Gymnasium (high school) and today we were talking about this new system Denmark just got: it is called a 'point system'. This means that people from other countries have to get points enough, before they can come to Denmark and live. I would like to hear what you would say to that? what do you mean about this point system? Feel free to come out with your opinion.

The picture above shows how you can get points. People under 24 have to get 120 points to get permission to live her, and people over 24 'only' have to get 60 points. Unfortunately the text on the picture is in danish (for those who aren't danes), but it is pretty much about that you need to be able to speek different languages (danish, english, german, swedish, norwegian, france, spanish) and about having a good/long education. And kvalificed work experience. All these things gives different points.

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