Wednesday, December 15, 2010

@found this picture at paramores fansite on facebook, it is taken by a man called Ethan Luck, I really like it. A little update from me: I am feeling better, though my nose is totally locked - which means that I talk absolutely ridicilous right now (which is perfect, because I am heading for an examinations, where I have to talk, tomorrow.. lovely). But I am feeling better and hopefully tomorrow I am completely healthy again. But I slept 3 hours longer than I usually do this morning I think, then I'd blogged, watched some politic discussions about the finansial law in Denmark, then I succeeded to make our dvd player to work and I could watch 'Becoming Jane' - which I fell completely in love with. I am thinking about making a list over my absolute favorite love movies, what do you think about that?

I really wants to hear peoples thoughts and I wants to discuss things with all of you out there, so pleeeeease, just leave a comment, ask me anything (I might not answer anything, but you can always try) and say what you want.
"In the end what we regret the most, is the things we didn't said, didn't did and the decisions we were to long to make"

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