Tuesday, December 14, 2010

@crossesunderwater via a tumblr
I've watched tv and slept all day long, it doesnt seem so hard, but I'd rather been to school (though I looks forward to holiday, I still love being in school). Well, a little confession (btw confession: I watched confessions of a shopaholic, today) from me, but my mom just got home from work and made me a cup of chocolate and had blueberries with her home, I love you mom


NLR said...

Elsker billedet! Åh, hvor ville jeg gerne eje hendes strik :-)

Who's that girl said...

me too :)
ja, et meget inspirerende billede!

Emily said...

i just came across your blog and love it, you kind of remind me of Ida


Who's that girl said...

aw your so sweet! I adore idas blog, so that I am very glad about x

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