Wednesday, December 15, 2010

@I am still sick, so I am not really healthy enough to go take photos I can show you, or outfit photos, so then I were like: what to blog then? Because I thought I (yesterday) had posted enough inspirational pictures. So I came up with the idea: then I just show what I am doing (on the computer).
1. my computer screen, I love the picture so much, it is like a vintage-New-York-photo
2. I am (of course) blogging, I love my blog atm (sounds selfish, but I do, thanks to you guys. Thanks for following and commenting, it makes me so happy)
3. I am watching a danish program on, it is a debat about the schools in Denmark (it is such a big target atm in danish politic)
besides the computer: I am watching dr1 right now, with political discussions (I am in a community class, it is actually funny for half a year ago everything including politic I found boring - now I love it). And I am, still, filling myself with hot tea og tablets, and trying to make my dvd player to work so I can watch 'Becoming Jane'.
That was a huuuuge update for me, once again: thanks for following (28 followers!) x

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