Monday, December 20, 2010

I want her hair! I'm so sick and tired of my own normal, straight scandinavian hair. I want hair like above and Mary-Kate Olsen hair. But my haircutter says that my hair wasn't able to get that kind of look, sucks. Any ideas? Or haircutters there can actually do this?


MK said...

Want her hair, too!
But I have problems with to many curls...

Francesca said...

i have straight hair too, but all you do is get a straightener and turn it in your hair then you get waves! :)
If you had a spare moment I would love if you visited me :)

F. ( xx

Who's that girl said...

thanks, I'll try that (I would just wish it would stay permanent)

I will visit you for sure, and thanks for stopping by me blog :) x

Anonymous said...

saltvandspray!! :D -købte en igår, den er great, seriøst :D den giver et beachy look, lidt ligesom hende på billedet :D

-ld <3

Who's that girl said...

har selv en, men er ret dårlig til det, det virker ikke rigtigt på mig.. du må lige hjælpe en dag så, LD <3

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