Wednesday, January 13, 2010


pic1 what's in my make-up purse right at the moment pic2&3 the City! pic4 Outfit

This is what's in my make-up purse these days (maybelline mascara, Labello lipcare, body shop blush, Depend dark red nailcolor and a little mirror). Just watched the City (think I'm obsessed, happily for me you can see it on the internet, so I don't have to buy the hole season, wuhu!)
GOSH! I would looooove to switch garderobe with Whitney Port (the city) or Lauren Conrad (the Hills).
+ a today's outfit. That's a long time ago since I've posted one of those. (outfit: shirt H&M, tee Cheap Monday, watch Urban Outfitters) These days I maybe won't be so creative with the blog, because in Januray we're going to have a lot of testes, and then in February the teachers will give us our charachter as we shall post on our application to the high school, or whatever we're going. So this months' charahter is quiet important to me. (I want to go in high school after 9th grade (high school in DK)).

Last Night In America - Mani Spinx

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