Thursday, January 7, 2010


Earrings from, shirt from, Tee from Urban Outfitters, Denim from Cheap Monday, Shoes from Monki

I'm wishing my to all the money it might cost this outfit, and forgetting that I should save money till Converse shoes and a canon eos 1000D camera. I'm sitting in my bed, eating cake (made by daddy) and trying to forget all the homeworks we have right at the moment, and tomorrow we have to write a story in danish, too. I don't think that I'm going to do anything else in the weekend than just making homeworks, but I shall not complain - next year it's going to be so much harder, when I'm going to go on high school (in Denmark). But except for all the homeworks there will be coming, then I'm so excited for meeting new people and maybe get some good friends for the rest of my life :) (I'm not complaining about the friends that I've now, I love them so much!) but still it's going to be exciting to meet new people.
(sorry for the bad 'todays outfit' update, promise soon there will be some!)
I want to go on january-sale shopping with my bff RIGH NOW! (dear God, let me win in Lotto so I'll get 1mio., or something)
Hurtful - Erik Hassle
Be Mine - Ellie Goudling and Erik Hassle
(Erik Hassle has such a good voice, you should try to listen to some of his songs)


Emilie.Katogo said...

I love the pictures,
Those boots look hot ;)

Emmy x

E M I L Y said...

I dont have my ears pierced by i seriously love those earings!!

x from

Who's that girl said...

Yeah, I think that all the clothes look so cool, too! I really want it all. And thanks for looking at my blog btw :)