Friday, January 29, 2010


pic1 bag from H&M pic2 Blueberry muffins (not taken by me)

When I've ate dinner tonight I'm going to bake some blueberry muffins, yummie! Can't wait to eat them all (tonight) ;) I just checked out H&M's website and found this beauty, isn't pretty? And very cheap, I'm thinking about if it should belong to me? Or if I should save money for the camera & the guitar? I'm confused, I would love to win in Lotto right now (one million would be enough). Now I've been at all the gymnasiums/high schools (in DK) that I wanted to visit/see, now I just have to start thinking very good at where I want to go the most. But now I've to go write a danish story, about terrorism. And my mom and sister comes home in a few minutes, with a hotdog, haha, delicous food at Friday night. Tonight is just going to be family time. (The danish X-factor, blueberry muffins, hotdogs, and just relaxing)

!! I'm interested in finding a girl at my age, from England/USA/Canada, who wants to be friends and write with me - so I can practice my english + get a friend!! (just write in this post if you're interested) (it would be cool if you had a blog, too)

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Who's that girl said...

Sorry, but I don't understand. I would really appreciate if you would write in english.