Friday, January 8, 2010


Tee: black with a tiger on
Hoodie: Dark blue or grey
Shorts: Denim shorts
Shoes: White Converse
Camera: canon eos 1000d
Cd: Snow Patrol up to now
Cinema: Avatar
Movie: A Walk to Remember

Today I've been in school for 3 hours, and then been together with six of my very good friends at my place, and later just hanging out and chillin with my best friend, and taken hilarious pictures with my webcam. I liked Snow Patrol before today, but today I've figured out that Snow Patrol is one of my favourite bands now! My Peter Pan book from London also arriwed today, yeah! Can't wait to read it, but I'll probably have to wait, at least until next week, because right now there's a hell of a lot homworks. So tomorrow I'm going to clean our house, make homeworks aaaaand probably I'll colour my hair tomorrow, too! Into the blonde miel colour, which is a red/brownish colour, hope the result is going to look good...
I've also decided with myself that I NEVER want to use time on people that I don't like! I'll just use my life with being around people I like and people who likes me, too.

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