Saturday, January 2, 2010


pic1 Chuck Taylor Converse all stars - white pic2 Canon Eos 1000D
I'm craving these things (right now!), I'm started savning up to these things. Right now I would love to go a walk and just enjoy the nature, but insted of doing it then I'm just sitting in my bed, with the computer and drinking coca cola? I'm also dreaming that my parrents suddenly will jump into my room and tell me that we're going on a vaccation to a warm(!) country or a capital city, like London or New York (please wake me?). I would really love to go to a warm place right now and become tan (because I'm really pale, and it does NOT look good at me) So please God - give us summer and sun in DK now or take me to another place where the sun is shinning right now.
Mood: travelling
Wearing: Cheap Monday tee, grey leggins and a hoodie
Doing: sitting at the computer and drinking some coke
should do: go take a bath and wash the blue color out of my hair and go a walk
Happy: because I got my Ipod working again!
Sad: because I'm so lazy
Advice of the day: If you can dream it, you can do it


Anna said...

Me toooo - i wish i could go to thailand tomorrow (:
That would seriously be so awesome!

Who's that girl said...

Yeah, it really would! I miss the heat, the sun and just everything about summer :)