Tuesday, February 2, 2010


pic1 2 x Terror (theater at 'bådteatret' in Nyhavn, Copenhagen). pic2 Macbeth (Shakespeares old show now made at 'Østre Gasværk' in Copenhagen).

My daddy just ordered tickets to 3 theather shows (now I'm happy, because I love being at the theater!) so we're going to see Macbeth, 2 x terror and a danceshow/theater which name I can't remember right now, but it's at the danish theather called 'dansescenen' (the dance scene). I'm really excited to see all of them. Now I'm just a little bit sad, because last night it snowed SO much (it still does), but we haven't got free from school??
On Saturday I'm going to Copenhagen with my mom to buy some 'danceshoes', and now I just have to practice A LOT if I shall be on the new team. Well, gotta go - school is calling.. BYE BYE!

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