Sunday, March 28, 2010

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I want this beauty from

Yesterday we saw the X-factor finale (+ it was only the TV there was on! We had switched off all other lights in our house (Earth Hour, did you remember?)). I still can't wait to my birthday tomorrow! We're going to a Restaurant and then later back home and eat some cake ;)

ps, I've just figured out that I LOVE Ellen Denegeres shows! They're so much fun. Yesterday I saw a bunch of episodes on youtube. I saw some with Dakota Fanning when she was 9-11 years old, omg she's SO cute! And happy all the time! And some with Miley Cyrus giggling SO much, because Ellen ask her if Justin Gaston is her boyfriend, ha ha. If you need something to laugh of, then go watch Ellens shows!

Bad Romance - Lady Gaga (Acoustic/normal)

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