Thursday, March 25, 2010


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1 more day, then there is holiday, that is gonna be so good. 4 days more, then it is my birthday, that is going to be amazing, I'm turning 16.
I don't even think people read what I'm writing so why don't I just come up with my life story? I need to, so here you go:

I live in a house together with my mom, dad and littesister and I've a BIG family, seriously it's like HUGE. And I love it, it's nice. I got my best friend C, we've been best buddies like forever - since kindergarden! I dance, modern/show dance. And that I've been doing since I was 4-5 years old. And this year I've been dancing for 11 years. This year I just got on a 'special team' (dance) if you can say so, you know a team who's dancing to win a competion. So soon I'm going to my first DM in showdance (The danish championsship), and if we win 1th,2nd or 3rd place then we're going to the VM (world championsship) once in Autumn'10. I'm so excited! But first and most important I've to concentrate on the exams to Spring/Summer this year. (I'm going in 9th grade). And next year I'm going to the gymnasium in DK, I just don't know which one yet, haven't been accepted yet. That is so exciting, too. 'Cause that is like everybody is saying "some of the most important years and there you get friends for a lifetime". So hopefully I'm going to get lot's of good friends there. I like to write. I always have. And I want to be a Journalist, or an Author. But I'm not counting on the Author thing, that is just something I wants to do in my sparetime. I like fashion a lot, not that kind of "I go to every fashion show", more the blogger fashion, if you get me, there's just so much inspiration and you're into fashion but not in a fashion designer way. Well that is what I wants to share with you. Ask if there's something you wanna know, I'll tell it for sure if's not to private. I really don't think anybody reads this actually... So it feels kind of wierd just writing something for myself, but I like wierdness, so that's OK.

I started blogging because: I've read some blogs and like them a lot and wanted to try, too. And because I would write things and that I things is good practice if I want to be a Journalist. + I write in english 'cause: Then more people can follow me and I'm practicing my english, I want to be like SO good at it ;) BYE GUYS!

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