Monday, November 23, 2009

But how we move from A to B..

pic1 I will use this to make a necklace. pic2 Bracelet - my moms old. pic3 Rings - my moms old. pic4 My moms old jewelrys pic5 me with my moms jewelry

Yesterday I asked my mom if she had some old jewelry, that she wasn't using anymore. And then she came with so many, but these one (on the photo) is the jewelry I think that I could use - so that is mine now ! (so happy) Aren't they beautiful? I think so. I've just been to the fysic test and I got 7 (danish caracther) so I'm happy, 'cause that is not something I'm good at. Now I'll have my lunch and wait until I'm going to dance tonight. Have I told that I'm dancing 2 at week? I've been dancing for 11 years now, mostly Moderne dance/ Show dance, but also some Disco.
Don't you guys think that I'll could make a pretty necklace out of the pendant from pic1 ?

Little bit - Lykke li

(...that can be up to me)

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