Sunday, November 29, 2009


pic1 The Peter Pan sculpture in Kensington Garden, London. pic2 Michael Llewelyn Davies, the inspiration for Peter Pans look.

I find Peter Pan and the Author J.M. Barrie's story so interesting and I just love stories when they are inspirered by the Authors own life. And the Peter Pan story can not be more inspirered by J.M. Barries own life. I know this is not about my life, or fashion, but this story meens a lot to me, and then I think it would be okay.
J.M. Barrie was only 6 years old when his older brother - Peter, died at a age of 12. Barries mom didn't speek to Barrie in a long time, she could better like his dead brother Peter. and she said to Barrie, that Peter would always be a boy, he would never grown up. When Barrie growned up, he met a woman and her five kids in Kensington Garden, and he falled in love with the woman, and later he adopted the five kids. Barrie loved the kids, and then he wrote the Peter Pan story, most for them, but Peter Pan was inspirered by his dead brother Peter and each of the five boys.
The only thing about the Peter Pan story I dosn't understand, is that the evil pirat 'James Hook' had Barrie named after himself James Matthew Barrie. And why should HE be the evil person in the story?

While you're reading this I would like to say you should listen to this song:
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