Saturday, November 21, 2009

You're the only one I knows.

I'm not going to write much today, I'm have to do a lots of homeworks and I'm also going to my grandma and granddad and sleep - so probably no more layout for today. Right now I wish that I should out travelling, Paris, London, New Yourk, Vancouver, California, Rome .. God I wish I should!! Just enjoy where I am, take pictures, look at the beautiful things, shopping and just spend some time with my family. Hmm.. that's not gonna happend, not until summer, at least. Are you guys going anywhere now? Ps, then I would love to see some pics of where you had been!
Now I'm sitting and thinking about that I should eat some breakfast and do some homework. .. But all I'm doing right now is just sitting in my bed, next to my cat and listen to music. (Little Bit - Lykke Li, Possibility - Lykke Li)
After seeing New Moon yesterday I'm starting to get even more 'desperat' in some way after love.. I know .. I know.. for christ safe, we're talking vampire here and that is insane! But I have always loved fantasy figureres..
.. But remeber as Lykke Li's song say: There's a Possibility.


Celia said...

traveling sounds amazing here.. but lemme tell you, i live in california and it's not all it's hyped up to be, just a small part of it, aka, southern california. i love it here, it's just different than what people expect it to be. you should come to san francisco sometime (:

Whos that girl said...

Okay, thanks for telling me. One of my friends just lived ind California in a year, and I do acutally have some family there. But hopefully my parents (soon) decide that we shall go :)