Friday, November 27, 2009


cardigan H&M shirt Fishbone scarf London rings Vintage leggins Danza dimensione
Well, this isn't my new leggins.. but as I wrote earlier I dropped lemonade on them.. so this is another outfit. (you gotta see the leggins soon). Actually this outfit remind me of travelling, 'cause I bought the scarf when I was in London with my mom in spring ('09), and I bought the shirt when I was on a school trip to Prague this Autumn. So I'm dreaming back to that time - mostly London.. Gosh, I miss that town. I wanna go back.
Yeah! I'm so happy, my grandma is just said this evening that she would give me the watch (from Urban Outfitters) I'm wishing me in Advent gift. (If I just could go to the town and buy it myself, 'cause she didn't knew where the shop was, and well, no problem with me there).
PS! I'm danish, but I'm writting english so there's more people who can read / follow me, AND to learn some more english gramma. So please guys, just leave a comment if you can't understand me or leave a comment with the right gramma in - that would help me a lot. And of course, I hope you like my blog :)

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