Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beauty? Can't describe this.

pic1 Flower - photo by me pic2 Robert Pattinson! pic3 Candles - photo by bythegirl pic4 New York and a beach - borrowed from bythegirl pic5 photo by Dirk Mai.

Pictures I just can't stop looking at because they are to beautiful! Robert Pattinson is so cute and he's just hot and he's a special person. Many people just like him cause he plays Edward and they only like ' Edward', but I really find Rob Pattinson interesting, but of course as Edward he's so cute, too. Btw I love bythegirl's pictures, she's taking so beautiful photos, and I think that is one of the reasons wy I find her blog so interesting. Dirk Mai is one of my favourite photografers, I love the colours on all the pictures he take, and they are just so simple and beautiful. PS! I love looking at beautiful pics, so just send a link and then I'll take a look at what you think are the most beautiful pics. (It may also be photos taken by you).

I should read fysic, cause I have a test tomorrow.. So why am I just sitting here and blogging?
I think I'm starting getting sick.. and that's just crap! I don't wanna be sick, specially when next week we're in December. Right now all I wanna do is to see some movies, eat cookies and drink hot cacaoo. .. God? Can you hear my praiers?

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