Thursday, November 26, 2009


Hey guys. Now I've got 4 readers! Yeah! You guys are awesome, and please just tell all of your friends about my blog :)! And I would like some recommend, because then I know what you guys would like to see more of or less of. So just recommend!
Today we saw a movie 'Schindlers list' at school, yeah we have about 2. world war right now, in history. After school I took over to my uncle and aunt and cleaned their house (my job), of course it was raining again.. Anyway, then I came home and made myself a hot cup lemonade and ate some gingerbread (it sound better in danish: pebernødder), and now I'm sitting here, waiting for my mom to come home - because she said that she would by the danish magazine Costume for me. If there is something I love, then it must be reading new magazines. Today I'm making dinner and I've decided that we are going to have salmon and pasta. I've never maked it before, but hopefully it's gonna be good. Now there is coming 'my super sweet 16' at MTV, I love seeing it, 'cause the girls in there is SO ungrateful and snobby, that it's actually kind of funny.
See you guys, and remeber that I would love to get some recommend.

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