Monday, December 21, 2009


What I'm going to buy, when I'm in town again. pic1 - a look-a-like hoodie of the one I saw in New Yorker the other day. The one I saw in New Yorker was a dark blue hoodie with fake fur in the hood (and I just fell in love with it) unfortunately my friend and I was in a hurry (and very hungry), so I didn't thought about looking at the price. pic2 is some Chuck Taylor (converse) shoes. I've seen them first on bythegirl's feet and the other day my friend had them, too. And then I just couldn't ignore how cool they looked! So when the January sale starts and I've got some money in my pocket again, then these things will probably be in my house.
My sis got the movie Terabithia in Advent gift the other day, and today we saw it together. It's really sweet, and a true friendship and it's a little sad, too. But first when I heard the music, I didn't liked it, but now, well? I'm kind of obsessed.

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