Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I've got a blouse from Monki, but it's not really my style, so I rather want one of these pieces up there^. But which one, do you think would fith me most??
Something in my head tell me that I prefer the two last shirt + the skirt. But please help me? (before friday/sunday) because that's when I'm going to town with a friend. Thanks already!
Yeah! SNOW! I'm so happy, snow, snow, snow! And I'm even happier, because last night I just figurered out that I should hold New Year with my bff. + I could invite some more (4-5) home to me, at New Year (I love you mommy). And less than 3 days back in school and then.. christmas holiday!
Today I'm going to a chinese restaurant with one of my oldest friends, and I can't wait - we haven't seen each other since, what? September? Well, really long time since.
Just Say Yes - Snow Patrol

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