Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I'm listening to the amazing danish singer, Tina Dickows new cd, A beginning, A Detour, An open ending.

Today I've been to the doctor, and when my mom and I was driving home again, one tire punctured. And that kind of sucked, because today we were decoratin the class and just celebrating Christmas, but after one hour, the car had been fixed and I could come down to the class and 'celebrate' christmas. After school two of my friends and I went home to my place, and just hang out, chillin and watching television. There's nothing better than having friends that you just can be yourself with, and just relax. You know, instead of pretending, or trying to be, someone you're not.

Today's outfit is a bit boring, so I'm not gonna put a picture of todays. Damn it, the sky was so pretty right before, it was all light/dark blue and all the threes were totally black, I wanted to go outside and take som pictures, but then again, it's a bit cold and I'm kind of lazy today, so maybe tomorrow at same time, I'll go out and take som pictures. Because it looked really beautiful.

Gosh! some 'exams' in next week, help me? Hate test, samples, exams .. just all those things, it make me so nervouse, but mostly everything is going fine. So I should just stop being nervous at all about those things.

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