Friday, December 4, 2009


pic1 Mini Casio Watch - Urban Outfitters. pic2 New York - found this photo on

I'm so happy, my grandma want to give me the watch from U.B in Advent gift (if I just found it myself), so probably my mom and I are going to look after it, tomorrow. This day was just lovely, we haved 3 hours in school today, then my bff and I toke home to me, and was there until 5pm. Love being with her, because I can't be ME better, with everyone else in this world! We laughed so much, we were nearly crying, we baked cake and we were making power point to our "80's" presentation til friday, next week. But first we have to survieve the exams monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday... But the only thing there scares me is the mathmatic test on Monday. Math is not my 'good site', I prefer danish. (I also want to be a Journalist, so that's good).
There isn't really happen't anything exciting today? And I'll probably not gonna take so many pics, taken by me, the next couples of time (homeworks and exams), but I'll try. So you guys just have to be patient for a while :)

If you could be anywhere - Tom Felton

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