Wednesday, December 9, 2009


photo by Dirk Mai.

Today I've been to the engish exam, and it was not so bad. We should write a story/article about 'A Memorably Place' and my choiche fell on London, last spring with my mom. So I wrote 490 words about that. Tomorrow danish again, and then no more exams right now. (but my friend and I, shall also make a presentation on friday, about the music and fashion in the 80's) But after this week, then I might finally can relaxe a little and try to get in a christmas mood??
There wasn't really anything interesting in television, so I put on a dvd. But now it's kind of borring me? And I don't want to read in my book right now? Hm.. I actually don't know what I want right now. But if I had the money, then a shopping trip to Copenhagen and a trip to Barresso wouldn't be bad? :)

The Spell - Alphabeat

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