Thursday, December 17, 2009


ph: taken by me

There's nothing else outside -except snow! It's like everywere. Right now I'm sitting, watching Made on MTV (with a totally helpless guy, who now want to be the homecoming king on his school, poor guy), and drinking hot lemonade - guess I'm kind of obssesed? But it taste good. In first class, in school, today we saw an english movie about the Beatles, actually quiet interesting, I like much of what the Beatles had maked. I January my class and I shall to the danish theatre - Østre Gasværk - which is first of all a really beautiful and interesting place, but there we're going to the the new 'Come Together' show, based on the Bealtes songs. After watching the movie, there was the 'christmas-football-tournament' we watched, unfortunately our class didn't win, but we came to the finale. After that - home! Tomorrow is the last day in school before the christmas holiday, and I really CAN'T wait, really need a holiday, and when there's presents, too, then it's just even better! LATER GUYS!

Close to me - The Cure
(the song which is used for the commerciel for the perfume Scarlet)


D said...

I like these pictures :)

Who's that girl said...

Thanks, me too :)

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