Sunday, December 6, 2009


Mini Casio Watch Urban Outfitters

We found it! It succedeed my mom and I, to find the watch I wished me. So now it belongs to me, and I'm so happy! .. and I've got some earrings stolen some weeks ago, and we also found them again (friis & company) and my mom and dad is going to give me the Stine Goya necklace I wish me in christmas present - can it be much better? (yeah, if I get 12 (A) tomorrow in mathematic). I've been studying all day long, for the exam tomorrow... I just hate mathematic, and I've never could figure it out. But wish me good luck tomorrow!

Hole in my heart - Alphabeat

(.. I just have Anders from Alphabeats voice stuck in my head: You've made a hole in my heart.. )

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