Saturday, December 12, 2009


photo taken by me. When I was in London, in the spring of 2009.

Why is is that we here, in Denmark, not are having Starbucks - other places than in the airport??? Can it really be true that I only can get something from Starbucks, when I'm anyway is going to (probably) a place who have starbucks, to get it? Well, I guess so. I just have to live with the danish coffee café - Barresso. Which isn't bad at all, but still, it would be nice with a hot Vanilla Latte and a giant cookie from Starbucks sometimes. Doesn't it look yummie? :)

^My opinion. Well, I have to hurry - still need to read 20 pages in my book and make a book review of it, before Monday. And tomorrow I won't be home all day. So I've to do it today!

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