Sunday, December 20, 2009


pic1 todays outfit pic2 todays buy
Today I've been on a shopping trip with my friend, actually I shouldn't have so much, but then again - I'm so bad at stopping myself. But I ended up with this red shirt from H&M, the black T-shirt with laces from Monki, a dvd about Michael Jackson and his life + a mascara from Maybelline (I needed a cheap mascara, right at the moment, and this was cheap and USA's number 1). You'll see some pics of the clothes on, soon. After shopping my family and I were in my grandma's bakery and maked chocholate - yummie. Tomorrow I've christmas holiday! Yeah, and my sis just got the movie Terabithia in Advent gift, so we're going to see it tomorrow, it look's pretty good, and it's the people behind Narnia who made it, so it can't be bad. And I really CAN'T wait to see Romeo and Julie (never seen it), so I'm so excited! Later guys.
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