Friday, December 25, 2009


Some photos of what I was wearing at christmas evening + some of the (many) presents I got.
Yeah, I got a book called 'A girls guide to Vampires' (think some in my family is trying to be funny?). Then I got (as I already new) my Stine Goya (danish fashion designer) necklace + Bianco shoes. And I got a hell of a lot movies! (+ a Tina Dickow cd). And my hairdresser is always using the Paul Mitchell shampoo and I just love the smell and everything about it, so I also got the Paul Mitchell shampoo one - now my hair is gonna be so gorgeus ;) (but I still want to colour it..) I also got some clothes + many diy gifts from my sister (so cute things; 2 candles with the text 'I Love You' a painting + some pendant till bracelets.) I love christmas!
What did you guys get for presents???
Dragon Hunters Song - The Cure

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