Sunday, December 13, 2009


pic1 Advent gift - a shirt from Monki. pic2 Denimshirt (monki), gold watch (Urban Outfitters)

Today it's sunday - 3rd Advent, and I got a grey shirt from Monki - but I don't think I would wear it that much - so think that I wanna to find something else in Monki - and that should not be so difficult! Already have many things in there, on my wishinglist! Today I've been in my grandma and her two brothers bakery, with my mom's family and we have been maked chocolate, marzipan and LOT's of many different biscuits! And I can't wait to eat them all! I've not been doing anything else today, but it was a really nice day, and I love being with my family. Only one week back in school - and then ... CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY! Can't wait - but first I've to get my results from the exams ..
As I already told, I read the Shopaholic book, for a book review in school. But of course, again, I got a little bit addicted - so now I'll start on number two in the saga "A shopaholic in New York"

Soon I'll post some yummie pictures of some of the goodies we maked in the baker! Just so you guys can be a little bit jealous ;)
Until then - see you! And thanks again for reading my blog :)

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