Thursday, December 10, 2009


Dakota Fanning - teen vogue photo shoot

Hey guys! Today we had the last exam, for now. But that was good, now there's nothing else to do than just wait for the result. After the exam my bff and I took home to me, and totally scared each other after talking about that we wanted to see Paranormal Activity! I almolst stayed home, while I actually should clean my uncle and aunts house. But I'm in money crisis, so I took my bike and cycled. And while I was cycling home again, it just rained so much - my hair is still a little bit wet, great?
Gosh! I need to find another job, so I can get some more money - I have NO money! And two of my friends and I are going in the cinema next week, and today my bff just asked if we should go see a movie or to a concert soon. And I want to see movies, shop, see concerts, but I NEED money!
I'm planning on trying gym, just once and if I like it, then I should maybe start doing it once a week, or something.

Heartsbeats - Supershine

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